ASO Chorus PhotoWe take a concierge approach to campaign design. Known for our flexibility, we can easily modify our services to meet the unique needs of individual clients. The creativity and problem-solving abilities of our staff are second to none.

SD&A senior staff members have nonprofit, client-side experience. This perspective informs our sensibilities and gives us common ground with our clients.

Our expert consulting services allow clients to tap into our broad repository of knowledge. We’ve been steadily adding to this bank of knowledge for more than 30 years. Along the way, we’ve had the privilege of designing a greater diversity of campaigns – including the most complex and sophisticated of campaigns – for a wider variety of nonprofit organizations than any of our competitors.

Our callers are trained to enhance client-patron relations, even on calls that do not result in a sale or donation. SD&A phone calls are designed to further an organization’s mission with the personalized touch of a caring voice. Our first goal is to strengthen the relationship between client and patron.

We have a longitudinal, multi-year approach to campaign design. Rather than treating campaigns as stand-alone events, we analyze past campaigns as the basis for strategically planning future campaigns.

We take care of the details so our clients don’t have to. For a worry-free, hassle-free experience, SD&A’s Human Resources Department handles all payroll, tax and employee benefit requirements for our campaign staff. We also have a full-time writer who composes top quality telemarketing scripts, caller training materials, and pledge letters. Additionally, we have an in-house mail facility that allows us to quickly and efficiently coordinate the production and distribution of post-approach mailings for our clients.