xylophone and malletsATC campaigns are a proven and cost-effective way for nonprofit organizations to renew, acquire, upgrade, and reinstate donors and patrons. Our ATC phone rooms specialize in subscription sales and annual fund campaigns.

ATC campaigns use SD&A’s Call Manager lead management system, which was initially designed to increase the efficiency of on-site campaigns, boosting contact rates by 20% to as much as 100%. The use of Call Manager results in deeper penetration of the lead base and more revenue, without increasing cost, which is important for our clients, as it makes acquisition calling more affordable.

Audits and revenue-generating strategies

  • strategic planning and consultation
  • testing of new and innovative approaches
  • analysis of sales and fundraising data with a focus on trends

Patron management and base growth

  • patronage calls
  • lapsed recovery
  • retention
  • acquisition
  • patron centric culture

Opportunities for increased revenue

  • add-on gifts and subscriptions
  • subscription referrals
  • challenge grants
  • second asks
  • sustainer/monthly-giving options