Art Gallery (sepia)The National Call Center is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals in direct marketing, data management and call center administration. Equipped to handle large volumes of outbound calls, our center features the latest in cutting-edge predictive dialing features, as well as call recording and analyzing functions. Among our many accomplishments, our credit card pledge rate is one of the highest in the industry.

SD&A callers are knowledgeable, courteous and well trained in the requirements of each campaign, positioning them as ambassadorial extensions of the clients we serve. A notable feature that distinguishes SD&A from other firms is that our account executives and vice presidents work among the calling staff inside the center. This allows for hands-on management of daily operations and produces higher quality phone calls.

Our full-service package includes: campaign design and management by an experienced account executive, expert database management, quality copywriting of scripts and letters, in-house printing and mailing of post-approach correspondence, detailed reporting and analysis, and more.

The following team members are actively involved in every campaign:

Close view of a collection of VOTE badges

  • The vice president of operations works with the managers and supervisors to ensure that all campaign goals are met in a timely and cost effective manner for our clients. Additionally, the vice president of operations works with our quality assurance teams, executes trainings, and directs campaign management staff to ensure the delivery of quality phone calls.
  • The vice president of client services works with the account executives to promote SD&A’s client-centric culture, and to make sure that each campaign is structured to maximize our clients’ existing fundraising and membership programs. The vice president of client services fosters innovative ideas to meet and exceed our clients’ goals, while always ensuring that our callers are excellent stewards for each nonprofit organization we represent.
  • An attentive account executive coordinates and manages all of the various processes that are required to launch a campaign. The account executive monitors campaign progress from start to finish and serves as the point person for any and all questions and concerns.
  • Enthusiastic, well-trained callers with a genuine interest in nonprofit causes make effective phone calls to help generate revenue for our clients. SD&A goes to great lengths to immerse our callers in the mission, spirit and culture of each organization we represent, which ensures a fresh approach for each call.
  • Call Center supervisors focus exclusively on the hiring, training and performance of our callers. They are dedicated to specific clients and are the experts on the floor, where they are able to provide more detailed information and strategies for callers to use to ensure the success of each campaign.
  • IT specialists, with expertise in database management and reporting, develop useful applications to streamline and automate call center operations, allowing us to better service our clients’ campaigns.
  • A seasoned copywriter researches and writes effective scripts, pledge letters and caller training materials for each campaign.
  • A quality assurance team regularly monitors and evaluates calls throughout the course of each campaign, and provides constructive feedback to improve caller performance.