SD&A Teleservices, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA

Since 1983, the professional fundraisers, subscription sales specialists, and membership experts at SD&A have generated more revenue for a wider variety of nonprofit organizations than any other competing firm in the industry.

Known for our flexible, service-oriented approach, we tailor each campaign differently to meet the specific needs and parameters of each individual organization. At SD&A, we always put our clients first: we draw every plan, make every decision, and take every action with our clients foremost in mind.

Throughout the years, our proven track record, our broad base of industry knowledge, and our ongoing commitment to technological innovation have made it possible for us to enjoy successful, longstanding partnerships with performing arts organizations, museums, public broadcasting stations, animal rights, and welfare groups, environmental organizations, political candidates and committees, relief organizations, colleges and universities, human and civil rights organizations, botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums, libraries, hospitals, and many other nonprofit causes.

SD&A offers three distinct platforms:

National Call Center:

Based in Los Angeles, our National Call Center is equipped to handle large volumes of outbound calls for nonprofit organizations across the spectrum.


On-Site Campaigns:

Conducted from a phone room at or near an organization’s place of business, SD&A’s on-site campaigns are most often used by performing arts organizations, colleges, and universities.


Arts TeleCenter:

Unable to host an on-site campaign? Our “boutique” phone rooms offer a flexible alternative with many of the same features as traditional on-site campaigns.