Stewardship by SD&A



Want to build better relationships with your mid-level donors? Connect with them more frequently? Increase their giving year over year? You can do all this, and more, with strategic cultivation from our expert team of donor ambassadors, who function as major gift officers for your organization, but at a fraction of the cost.



More than just rockstar callers at the top of their game, SD&A ambassadors are highly trained, specialized fundraisers who are skilled at cultivating relationships and taking donors through the pipeline of philanthropy.

Each ambassador manages a personal portfolio of up to 500 mid-level donors, employing multiple, coordinated touchpoints throughout the year – by phone, email, and written correspondence – with the goal of raising retention rates and increasing average gifts. This provides each donor with a personalized, VIP experience.

As portfolio managers, ambassadors are meticulous notetakers and recordkeepers. They initiate each relationship with a letter of introduction to the donor and follow up with a phone call to establish rapport. They then organize the schedule of touchpoints for the year, set reminders for themselves, and personally keep track of every donor.

The ambassadors who comprise this elite fundraising team have all enjoyed long, successful tenures with our company. As a group, they have many decades of knowledge and experience, having raised millions for a breadth of prominent organizations.



Especially now that many nonprofit organizations are stretched thin and operating with reduced in-house staffing, Stewardship by SD&A offers the most efficient, cost-saving model for running a mid-level donor program.


  • Powered by SD&A’s best-in-class infrastructure and technology


  • Fully customizable and tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs:
    • upgrade entry-level donors into your mid-level program
    • engage mid-level donors more thoroughly to keep them active in their giving
    • upgrade mid-level donors to leadership levels


  • Personal Concierge Service: SD&A ambassadors are available to donors via email to personally answer any questions or concerns they may have


  • Allows for a greater number of touchpoints throughout the year to keep donors personally informed about what your organization is doing, your goals, your challenges, your opportunities


  • Makes donors feel even more appreciated by your organization and more inclined to offer increased financial support


  • One-on-one conversations: SD&A ambassadors make phone calls from their at-home workspaces, eliminating the background noise of a call center


  • Utilizes expertise from SD&A’s decades of experience with Planned Giving and Capital Campaign calling


  • Provides access to a deep bench of experienced fundraisers who you can trust with your organization’s best donors


For performing arts campaigns, contact Mary Jane Avans | (678) 904-1583


For all other campaigns, contact Denise Harris | (310) 693-2836