Colleges & UniversitiesSD&A is proud to serve institutions of higher learning with a full range of telefundraising programs designed to increase their base of philanthropic support.

We understand that alumni represent the core support for colleges and universities – providing financial resources, acting as institutional advocates, and volunteering their time and expertise in service to institutional programs. This makes them the ideal platform from which to develop philanthropic support, and underscores the importance of cultivating the strongest possible alumni relations.

Even among students and recent graduates, where the earning and spending potentials are limited, developing and nurturing the habit of philanthropy is essential. SD&A campaigns are designed to promote this way of life.
Additionally, we offer telefundraising strategies to effectively tap new donor sources other than alumni, as they often yield rich streams of new revenue. Key among them are:

  • The parents of current and recently graduated students
  • Faculty and staff members
  • People who use institutional facilities, attend sporting and other special events, or attend institutionally sponsored art exhibitions or performing arts programs
  • The associates of trustees and major donors to the institution
  • Persons known to support activities that are closely related to the academic programs of the college (e.g., donors to fine arts museums are excellent prospects for art schools)