GREENPEACE 2014 Web Activist Non-Donor Sustainer Acquisition Campaign

In 2014, SD&A called Forest Protection web activists (non-donors) from Greenpeace’s in-house list. We achieved an impressive sustainer rate of 9.8%, with 100% on credit card. We also called Care2 leads on behalf of Greenpeace, achieving a 3-4% sustainer rate.

SIERRA CLUB 2012-2014 Sustainer Campaigns

SD&A has been making monthly-giving calls for Sierra Club for over a decade. In the summer of 2012, we launched a special monthly-giving campaign to reach non-donors who had signed Sierra Club petitions. We reached more than 37,000 non-donors, converting 2.7% into monthly givers, resulting in a total of 1,004 new sustaining members for the Club. The three-year net return on investment for Sierra Club will be approximately 99%.

In 2014 we contacted over 100,000 Sierra Club web activists – many of them Care2 leads – and achieved an average sustainer rate of 2.5-3%.


SD&A has been making monthly-giving calls on a quarterly basis for Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for the past 3 years. In 2013 we reached 38,000 members and converted 3% into monthly sustainers – for a grand total of 1,085 sustainers for the year. Many of these sustainers were generated from web activist (non-donor) leads. The three-year return on investment for NRDC will be approximately 161%.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 2013 Sustainer Campaigns

In 2013, SD&A reached 23,635 Amnesty donors and converted 4.1% into monthly donors. The net return on investment for Amnesty International will be approximately 234% over three years.